My last post was January 9th. Here it is the 23rd of January and I have only been home two and half days in that period of time. I am not sure who misses who more –  me missing the garden, the garden missing me or maybe me and the Mrs. missing each other? I better be careful how I order my responses! I really do miss my Mrs. – and Hun could you check on the garden for me and send me a couple of pictures? Thanks

The tomatoes, tomatoes I picked in early December, are now gone. I passed through Kingwood Texas, my home, this past weekend to repack my bags, took a quick peek at the garden and spent one night alone, my wife was in Austin watching our son play soccer. She returned Saturday evening, we spent a night together and then I was off to California early Sunday morning. While fending for myself Friday evening and for a big chunk of Saturday I snacked on the remaining Juliet tomatoes that had been sitting on the kitchen counter. I loved it….January in the Northern Hemisphere and I was able to snack on home-grown tomatoes, still full of real tomato flavor.

The green ones I talked about in an earlier post were just too green, too hard and too immature to ripen in the house…I just couldn’t toss them out without giving them a chance. They are headed off to the compost heap to add nutrients to my 2013 gardening efforts. Some of the mushy ones are being processed by my composting worms in their snug little home in the garage.

Part of my recent travels took me to a very different clime – it was minus 14 F up in Vernal Utah and nearly as cold over in Rangely Colorado. I taught a short class at the local college in Rangely. It was a beautiful shade of white on mostly white and very chilly. For a Houston boy, it is a bit of a treat to step into the snow, hear the crunch under my feet and marvel at how the winter snows transform the landscape. I captured a few photos of what I found to be lovely scenery……the locals seem to have a very different opinion of the snow-covered scenery!

Me and my shadow on the snow.

Me and my shadow on the snow.

A lokk form the school up on th ehill overlooking the town.

A look from the school up on the hill overlooking the town.

An ice climbing tower. A class offered during the winter. Looks like a cool challenge.

An ice climbing tower. A class offered during the winter. Looks like a cool challenge.


A light dusting of snow overnight.

Looking forward to two full weeks at home with my wife and my garden. I have lots of work planned for the garden, a new batch of beer to brew and maybe crank out a few miles on my bicycle!