A Distant Garden Surprise

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Too hot for much in my garden – cucumbers and the sunflowers are loving it! I will share some pictures of the sunflowers soon. I will need a ladder as some are above the roof line of the garage.

So what is going on in a distant garden? My wife Kathy was off in California visiting family and friends. It seems every year there is a hummingbirds nest built on one of the outside light fixtures. This year the hummingbirds were back and my wife discovered another nest in a Ficus in the yard. She took a ton of pictures and this one was so funny seeing their little beaks poking out from the nest,

The hummingbirds from the nest on the light fixture fledged while she was there and she snapped a couple of the mother feeding the fledglings.Look closely and you will see the youngster perched and the mother hovering near the open beak of the youngster. They are fun to watch and I can't wait for our own local migration in September. Hope all is green and growing. Bishop

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Freshen up the Pizza

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Pepperoni size Juliet slices
Juliet, Roma tomatoes and Pizza

Brought in some fresh tomatoes this morning. The Juliet tomatoes are making a statement – using a President Obama term – this one plant wants to "Kick some Ass" and is loaded with tomatoes….. was that a bad political joke? Yes it was- just couldn't resist.
So, back to the freshened up pizza. I am a bachelor for another week – I do have my 15 year old suffering through my attempts to keep him fed, the dishes washed, floors swept, laundry done – Kathy I sure do appreciate ALL that you do for me…. wink, wink! It does not seem to ever slow down! So, Joe went off to soccer tryouts at 5:00 PM and I had to fend for myself.
I had a California Kitchen frozen pizza – they are thin crust, pretty tasty and relatively low cal! This one was spinach and cheese – BORING! – I had some turkey pepperonis in the fridge but I looked over at all "them maters"  – those Juliet tomatoes when sliced are pepperoni size and probably better for me. Looks pretty good doesn't it. Well it surely was!
So, what can I freshen up tomorrow? – I have a ton of cucumbers – hmmmmm – Google recipe search coming up!
 Bishop – TTFN

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I am back limping into my garden.


My Gecko Helping Patrol for Pests
Mmmmmm Good My Blackerries
Bunches of Juliett Tomatoes - Can't Wait!!!!
Cucumbers are Getting Big

I am back limping into the garden and enjoying the veggies. The weeds got a little ahead of me but the Gecko is keeping most of the bad bugs scared off.- I wish LOL. He still looks good even if he does not eat much.

Everything is growing so well! My Roma and Juliet tomatoes are kicking butt. Unfortunately my Brandywine plants are green, healthy and tall – but won't set tomatoes. They taste so good but I may not get any this year.

At least the blackberries are doing very well. Lucky for me that my wife Kathy is out in California because she loves fresh berries. I do too but I really like to gather enough to make jam. I have a gallon in the freezer, have snacked on the fresh ones and will probably get another gallon or two before we head off to Australia. The strawberries have slowed down but there is an increase in blossoms so I should have another round of the luscious red delights very soon.

A cluster of green Juliet tomatoes. They do incredibly well in the Houston heat. One plant will overwhelm a family so that's all I plant. They are so tasty and look a lot like a miniature Roma tomato. I hope the Brandywine's will at least set a few for me!

Now another bounty! The cucumbers are kicking in and as always I have planted more than we can eat. So friends and neighbors bet to share in the bounty.

My experiment in my friends backyard is doing OK. It was doing very well, his dog was ignoring it until …….. until I added some fish emulsion. Well, his Golden Retriever Pismo dug up the spots where I placed the fish emulsion several times but now the scent is gone and the plants are undisturbed. John has used some of the Rosemary and we have a few tomatoes setting as well as the cucumbers beginning to stretch up toward the supports. Salad components soon!

I'll be back!

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