Too hot for much in my garden – cucumbers and the sunflowers are loving it! I will share some pictures of the sunflowers soon. I will need a ladder as some are above the roof line of the garage.

So what is going on in a distant garden? My wife Kathy was off in California visiting family and friends. It seems every year there is a hummingbirds nest built on one of the outside light fixtures. This year the hummingbirds were back and my wife discovered another nest in a Ficus in the yard. She took a ton of pictures and this one was so funny seeing their little beaks poking out from the nest,

The hummingbirds from the nest on the light fixture fledged while she was there and she snapped a couple of the mother feeding the fledglings.Look closely and you will see the youngster perched and the mother hovering near the open beak of the youngster. They are fun to watch and I can't wait for our own local migration in September. Hope all is green and growing. Bishop

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