Not really the last harvest but it will be a while!

It has been quiet on the blog for a little while. Kathy and I went off to Australia for a couple of weeks and a few days with family in California before coming back to lovely Houston. It was only 108 with the heat index today….. in the shade. We don’t need a sauna here – just step out and think about moving and the sweat glands shift into overtime.

I ripped out the fading cucumbers and tomato plants yesterday. That was a three t-shirt job! Found quite a few cucumbers hiding in the foliage.(see photo)  I made 8 jars of strawberry preserve tonight and made 7 jars of Blackberry preserves a couple of days ago. It is satisfying that all the berries came out of my yard!

I replanted some fall tomatoes hoping for a break in the weather. They look pretty good today so they may give me a good fall crop. I waited until the sun went down to plant and gave them plenty to drink.

I have a couple of monster cantaloupes that will be ready in a few days. My asparagus ferns are huge and I am looking forward to next year’s picking. The peppers are still fruiting and giving me some color for salads and roasted vegetables on the grill.

Let’s just hope it cools off soon.

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