Well – today I swapped out the bottom worm bin after allowing 7-8 weeks for my wiggly buddies  to migrate up into the next level of the worm condo. Dumped the bottom section out onto some butcher paper in the shade and sorted the worm poop from the stubborn guys that did not want to move up into the second story. I started the sorting and my daughter Ashleigh joined in…. she said she likes the littles guys. Managed to harvest about 3.5 gallons of dark rich material to feed the garden.

I have also been clearing out the compost bin. It is about half empty and I should finish it up this week before I have to go off and earn some $$$$$ working. I am really admiring how robust and healthy the asparagus ferns look. If that is an indication I should have a great crop next year. I resisted the urge and did not cut any this year. 

Beans are still producing, cucumbers, there are a couple that should mature and I will get a few more Juliett tomatoes before they shut down. I planted a couple of dozn beet seeds and they are popping up. I may get to stagger a couple more plantings before it becomes too chilly.