We had dinner with our best friends, Beverly and John Saturday night. One of the highlights was a salad that was based on the the young lettuces supplied bu John’s new 4X4 bed. It is truly amazing how much can be grown in such a small space. I had to smile during dinner as the conversation turned to the possibility of expansion. The location we have chosen for John is ideally located in relation to the sun’s daily travel. Most of what I plant in John’s garden is also in mine. To my dismay the growth of his plantings just leap ahead of mine. I have to make one excuse…..my lettuce patch was dug up way too early by my son’s lovely dog Sierra….thank you Sierra, so I have a bit of an excuse to be a little behind. We included some very nice radishes with the young lettuce….it just seems to taste better when it is just hours fresh.

Beverly is taking an interest now as I have decide to try planting Edamame at her request. The have jumped up nicely and will supply a small harvest in a month or so. Again….I am a bit disappointed…..my Edamame seedlings have yet to emerge. I planted mine on the same day. Hmmmmm, maybe John would consider renting me space in a future expansion effort. Our girls went out for a visit to the small plots as John prepped dinner for us – grilled Salmon with his handmade mango salsa, the fresh garden salad, baked cauliflower florets with garlic & Parmesan cheese, a bit of wine & craft ales and most importantly – great company. I do have to mention the beer – I brought a bottle of my recent bottling – a “Dirty Honey Blonde Ale” – a partial grain recipe. It was pretty darned good after 10 days in the bottle. – I did share a little with my host.

The girls with their Pinot Grigio admiring the little beds. In the foreground is Beverly, John’s wife, standing in front of the newest bed. The lettuces, carrots and radishes are very healthy. Against the fence side of the bed are the onion and garlic plantings flanked by two tomato plants. In the back is my wife Kathy by the original bed I put in for John a couple of years ago. The sugar snap peas are getting thick and should be blooming soon.

John's lettuces and radishes on display

We enjoyed the dinner and the company…..Now this post should not be a surprise to Beverly…. I told you that you would be featured in my next post! Smile….we all love you. When can I add the 25 foot beds?