If you have been reading my blog once in awhile….you know that I do a bit of composting. The link below takes you to Hot Bin Composting…a UK blog touting the wonders of the Hot Bin product. It seems to be a good product but my fascination is with the good advice that comes along with the blog and the difference we can all make.

I am a bit more of a laid back composter but slowly becoming more precise with my “recipes” for the compost mix. My bins are big – a twin 4X4X4+ set-up…. I usually just pile it in in any order, the summers very heavy in green material. This past fall/winter I invested in a big leaf vacuum/shredder. I loaded up on leaves – the “brown” component of the composters recipe. The 64 cubic feet plus of leaves in the right hand side have been incorporated into the grass clippings going into the left side. I am looking for more leaves as we speak. I took some rotted produce out to the bin today and pulled back the top layer – wow-  the steam just boiled out of the pile… it was so hot that I couldn’t keep my hand in the middle of the pile. My guess – 140 to 150 degrees F. The proper recipe must work!!!!

My advice… listen to the advice – we can take a huge bite out of the compostable trash that goes to the land fills and feed our families so much better. Just Let it Rot!!!!!

Compost Awareness Week – 6 – 12 May 2012.

My Double Compost Bins


PS….I have also been using an activator and I add some dilute agricultural molasses as food to jump start the little bugs decomposing the composting materials… no meat, no fat and no bones…..just vegetative material.