I am on the road again and my lovely and wonderful wife is diligently managing the garden duties. This past two days most of the garden communication has been via text messaging while I am able to during the sessions I am facilitating in Covington, Louisiana.

Tuesday May 22. 2012 9:41 AM

“Nice strawberry harvest this morning! Ate every one of them while watering!!!! – then some words checking on me…

I wasn’t able to respond immediately but I did grin at her comment….I was also a bit disappointed that there weren’t and berries to add to the bag in the freezer  for the next batch of jam. Some more traffic with sweet nothings and gobbledygook ….private stuff. Then!

May 23, 2012 1:25 PM

“How do I shut off a sprinkler that is stuck on.!? I already tirned(sp) sprinkler box off so could it be a valve?” (Reference to our automatic watering system)

I replied, “It is the valve. On the side of the house by the AC unit is a valve”

She replied, “By the front of the house where the hose is?”

I texted back, “By the front. Yes by the hose.”

She then asked, “ Are they levers? Or a round one like for the hose.”

I paused for a moment and then typed back, “I am closing my eyes and trying to picture it. I believe there is like a T handle positioned in the line with the pipe and it should be turned sideways.”

Her response clarifies my image. “One is sideways and one is up and down? “ (not really a question but I know it is posed as one)

“Turn the up and down one sideways”, is my response.

“process of elimination?, was the response. I simply stated, Yes”

“Got it.. Thanks”, she noted. Then we discussed in a bit of detail the need to call the repair folks. I did want to know which station hung open and she responded, “ Two…..The tall riser in the strawberries………… Both in the back yard.”

A bit more business stuff and at 2:33 PM her text message was, “ Oh!. FYI….I picked a big tomato this morning!” My immediate response was, “Have you sampled it yet?”

She replied immediately, “ Not yet… But if anything like the cherry ones I had the other day, it will be yummy.” I quizzed her a little on which plant it came off of – it was the Celebrity plant! I asked her to send me a picture and a few hours later it arrived. Looks good enough to eat, eh?

Phone photo capture….lovely red, ripe and ready……TOMATO

Kathy….again thanks for keeping the garden going and  sending bits and pieces of the enjoyment you know I am missing from the garden…and yes – I do miss you too!