A look at the landscape near Carlsbad Caverns

Looks bleak at the surface but if you look closely the it is just amazing how pretty it can be.


It is amazing – from the desolate macro view to the thorny beauty right at your feet.

The beautiful yet thorny plants on the surface.

A 30 minute walk down into the depths of Carlsbad Cavern and a different growth emerges. Growths from the ceiling – stalactites, from the floor – stalagmites and interesting variations – you’ll see what I mean…

A stalactite or stalagmite…..now I remember…..a stalagtite holds tight from the ceiling! So this is a stalagmite.

Interesting shapes abound deep into this cavern….

A drapery type of deposit

Sometimes natural rock can mimic living forms…. I promise that tis was not photoshopped!!!!

Hmmmmmm – lovely


The shapes, textures and sizes overwhelm the eye and the imagination.

Textures and shadows

Massive Pillars of stone.

Wonderful and whimsical combinations!

I am back in Houston for a couple of weeks following weeks of work and weeks of vacation travel…..Lots of sweat in the garden today – August 3rd….. and more to come. I have a couple of posts in the draft mode so there may be a mini flood coming.