If you read my last post,” A Letter to Home”, you probably realize that if I had indeed been serious, I would have been in serious hot water. Fortunately my wife somewhat tolerates my tongue in cheek adventures. I received some feedback on the post from my cousin Sandy how read the post and picked up on my intent pretty early on.

“By the coffee grounds I was LOL !  Yes, good thing you don’t have a dog house!


Now as for Ms. Gloanah Bruce, I am not so sure see immediately saw the humor that I had intended. She posted to my Facebook –

Gloanah wrote: “And this is my son, I didn””’t teach him that kind of behavior. His MOM”

Sorry Mom….I was only trying to have some fun – Uh oh, I can hear her words now, “It is only fun until somebody gets hurt!”

Let me try to redeem myself. I did not immediately rush out to the garden to check on it when I returned home from my trip. I waited a good 45 minutes, visited with my bride, confirmed that she had understood my last post as intended. She did, but she also reminded me that my Mom had made the comment about us maybe not making that 31st anniversary milestone on October 2nd 2013! I hope Mom was being tongue in cheek. There are risks to attempts at humor….should I put the disclaimer at the top of the post or is the bottom position OK???????

The garden looked very healthy upon my return. Kathy kept the moisture levels just right, appeared to have pulled a few weeds, Hun you really didn’t have too! I also decided to take a peek under the abundant asparagus foliage. The plants are doing very well. I also discovered another sweet potato hiding under the dense ferns. I suspect that I will discover a few more when I cut the ferns back.

I hope that I have stepped out of the hot water, at least for a bit…..I will probably find something to write about that will raise the temperature again….but it is always meant to be in jest, well maybe mostly in jest…..My Valentines Day post and poll hit a hot button amongst family and friends!!!! I still think the SS Sink was a great gift.

A view of the asparagus stems at ground level supporting the canopy of ferns above. I will cut it all back to ground level soon – and maybe discover a few more sweet potatoes lurking in the soil.