I am off to Navasota on Friday the 13th to pick-up Nuc Pack, 4 frames of bees and a queen. My wife still gives me the hairy eyeball look when I bring up my latest hobby/venture! Once the hive becomes part of my backyard garden landscape it will fade as a focal point( I hope! )

Sunday, of this week I finished building all of the hive parts. I saved a few dollars and assembled everything myself. If I value my time at about 25 cents per hour I break even. I will admit that I was not very efficient. I will be adding a super ASAP. I may just buy it complete!

I need to thank Linda who writes “The Orange Bee” blog. A talented writer, cook and bee keeper. Her inspiration along with the beekeeping class my daughter Lisa gave me for Christmas has pushed me off center! Check out Linda’s blog.

Expect some photos from installation day!