Today a I dealt with an overload of tomatoes and made some Pico de Gallo. 93% of the ingredients from my little backyard farm.

4 – large, ripe and meaty tomatoes- “Mater Sandwich” variety
1 cup of finely chopped yellow and red onions – so sweet !
3 – Serrano peppers, seeded and also finely chopped
1 – JalapeƱo pepper also seeded and finely chopped.
2 tablespoons of store bought crushed garlic – the 7% component
Cilantro- none – feedback on the home-front indicates we can live without it.

Let it sit overnight to marry the flavors.

Tomorrow- how about Gazpacho? Hopefully the neighbors and friends will enjoy the respite from the knocks on their doors with bags of tomatoes hanging on the knob as we slink away!


Yummy Pico de Gallo…. Beak of the Rooster!