I am a lucky guy. Both varieties are producing bananas. The smaller bananas now have 3 stalks unfolding. The larger variety has two big bunches. I cut some of the green ones over the weekend and put them in bags with apples to speed up the ripening process. It is amazing how quickly they ripen. Both of my varieties are from Mexico.

The thicker banana is called a” Burro” banana. It is a very creamy textured and sweet banana. It is great in smoothies, adding a lot of thickness to the drink. The smaller is a “Manzano” banana, considered a dessert banana. It does have a hint of apple flavor, hence the “apple” banana translation.

Manazano banana development photos below. Scroll to see captions.


The Burro banana is longer and very plump.

Now I need to get busy and thin the plants  out so the fruit will fully mature.

The squirrels have found my tomatoes……….grrrrrrr……… but so far………They have left bananas alone!