Sunflowers and Veggies

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My sunflowers came down during last week’s storms. The heads were so large and 10-12 feet up in the air that the roots could not hold in the saturated soil. This photo was on a better day – June 19th. It is hard to picture how big the heads are but I would guess most are 12-14 inches across. I harvested today and have spread the heads out to dry. Ate a few damp and raw seeds and they were pretty tasty.

The little tiny cherry tomatoes are a nice surprise. We had a volunteer plant show up in the flower beds and I suggested we pull it but Kathy said let it grow and see what comes of it. Well,……… It is doing well and is putting out the sweetest and prettiest cherry tomatoes. I will have to save the seed because it tolerates the heat and humidity very well. It is not staked and just trails out in the flower bed. I am still getting cucumbers, (some hide well and become very large and/or too large) peppers of all sorts and an occasional slicing tomato. I do love to see them grow. Enough for now! Bishop

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Start of Blogging – Bishop’s First Post

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I have been wanting to give it a try for about a year and a half. Being semi-retired and just working part time I should have plenty of time but just never found it (really the answer is did not make the time). I got talked into opening a Facebook page a few weeks ago and it has not been anything I want to devote much time to so I thought I would try this.

Gardening, i.e., growing a few good veggies has been a passion for many years. So, I will start there. I was finally given a patch after hurricane Ike to have as my own spot in the back yard. It is not ideal from a sun perspective as well as being a tad damp…. but it is mine. I salvaged some fence from the Ike damage and screened my patch to my wife's delight. She has even provided a couple of cutesy touches and I gave he the pleasure of post the signs near the entry.

I expanded the square footage a little this past fall and crept out in the yard with 4 blueberry bushes….. I took some heat but I think they will not be an eyesore in a year or so.

This was June, 9 of 2009. Things are looking green. The sunflowers became 10 footers, the green beans were wonderful, the cucumbers huge, tomatoes ran wild, peppers galore and the cantaloupe were large but bland.

I will try some new tomatoes this year, Brandywine, two types, Arkansas Traveler and Oxheart. I will plant a Juliette variety of plum tomato shaped like a small Roma and at least on Celebrity…. does well in the heat.

My blackberries look primed for a good year. They are three years old now.

Another couple of weeks and I can direct seed the beans and cucumbers without too much concern.

It has been a wet and cold Houston winter and as much as I love the cool weather, it is hindering my planting.  Can't have my cake and eat it too!!!!!
Valentines weekend is coming up – I need to plan the garden efforts and something to let my wife know how much I cherish her tolerating my whims in the garden and elsewhere!


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