Back in town after a few days in Midland, TX. Cold up in the West Texas region and also very cold by Houston standards and too wet ….. My little ones need a little more sun and a few more degrees to jump start their growth.

My red leaf lettuce is doing ok…. just need some more sunshine and a few more degrees to put some size on. You can see some of the snap peas in the background. They are the ones that survived the Houston deep freeze in January. The snap pea seeds planted a few weeks ago are bravely popping up so I should have some good eating this spring.

My tomato seedlings took a hit when I brought them outside a week ago for some better sun. The wind whipped up on the tender stems and I lost most of them. So, back to square one getting my own into the ground. looks like I will need to buy some started tomatoes and maybe have some summer plants for late season tomatoes.

Side shoots - broccoli
Broccoli -
Compost Bin

My little dab of broccoli has been tasty. I cut a few of the tops… just enough for one meal and left the plants in place to see how big the side shoots will get. I have heard they develop into some nice small and tender heads.

I have  couple more like this central head developing and can't wait to harvest.

I get good plant growth for most everything I harvest because I add lots of compost. I built the double compartment bin from downed fences after hurricane Ike in 2008. It is amazing how much can be put into the bins….. a full year of leaves and grass clippings compost down to 5 or so wheel barrow loads of good rich plant food.

The ground is way too wet but the beds are a bit raised and getting taller every season.

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