It is not as gross as you think. My wife has 3 cats and some squirrels that hang out in the backyard, I have my worms. They are my "pets" if you will…. I feed them, house them and look after their welfare. Isn't that what pet owners do? They aren't much fun but they seem to be on the job 24/7. Every time I check on them and feed them they seem to be busy.

Here is the Rubbermaid bin… probably a little large . I did a little web surfing and hit on this link that looked like an inexpensive way to start raising my little friends.

After I picked up my bins at Lowes and drilled the holes I ordered the little guys.

I just ordered the worms from this site above but it is loaded with all kinds of things to get you into vermiculture….. a fancy term for worm farming. Now it will probably be months before I have some of the good stuff for the garden but I will be patient.

This a close look at the surface – they are there but just hiding – they don't like the light. Sometimes I find a few up the sides of the bin where it is a little warmer. I keep a blue tinted light hanging a few feet above the bin at night to keep them above the 50 degree range. I keep the bin in an unheated garage right now as my bride says they can't be in the house… She let's me keep my beer fermenter in the house right now – 5 gallons of Farmhouse Ale is the current batch fermenting. I wonder if worms like the trub from the wort boiling. Hmmmmmmm. I won't push my luck. 


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