Serendipity is not a term that rolls off the tongue of a good ole Texas lad but I have been exposed to folks that have majored in and studied English – a bit of their mastery of the language has rubbed off on me. Reddish, redolent, Royce Hall reminiscing’s!!!!

A simple explanation that even I can understand – serendipity, the accident of finding something good and useful without looking for it.  So, let’s laughingly and lovingly link this term to me and my garden.

As I wander through the garden, checking on plants, pulling the weeds, thinning the carrots – I always seem to fall behind on that one- , staking the tomatoes and snacking on the various fresh veggies. I realize that I consume what could be called a “salad” in the course of 30 minutes or so of futzing around in the garden. Succulent sugar snap peas just seem to be much sweeter when picked and consumed within seconds. I didn’t realize how sweet the arrows of aromatic asparagus could be until I chomped on one just after snapping it off. The crunchy and crispy carrots are so sweet but the do require a bit of preparation…..thanks to my Valentine’s Day gift of a garden sink (see poll run in one of my February Blog postings) I can field rinse the dirt off.  I can reach down and pick a few fresh luxurious luscious leaves of lettuce and add a few super sweet strawberries into the mix and I have just had a great salad – quite by accident. Healthier too… dressing drenching the delicious offerings needed – just good as grown and grabbed.

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My bountiful backyard blackberries are blossoming beautifully. I will soon be able add some sweet blackberries to my sweet serendipitous salad serving’s. The peas have plodded past their prime but the green beans – not as sweet but tasty nonetheless – are blooming, carrots continue to produce as do the strawberries…… I will have to wait another 5 weeks or so to consume the crunchy climbing cucumbers in my garden munching madness. Oh, and the tasty and tempting tomatoes…..homegrown in the garden are so good…the Celebrity variety has a few on the vine now and I noticed the telltale  tint of turning pink beginning to spread… I may have a new personal first, a ripe tomato well before May 1st. Wow, a wonderful garden windfall! Is it Global Warming?

There could be some benefits to Global Warming! I may be able to triple my tomato tonnage, enjoying their great taste and as a side benefit…. the plants are consuming the carbon dioxide and adding oxygen…. “gardeners of the world unite!!!!! Let’s solve the greenhouse gas issue and feed ourselves well! Grow gobs of good gas (oxygen) generating & ginormous greenhouse gas gobbling greenery! (Yes ginormous is a word recently added to the dictionary).

Just a side note, over the last 400,000 thousand years the rise in CO2 and temperatures has been followed by a deep freeze cycle……are we scaring and/or legislating ourselves into the freezer? I do agree that we can do a much better job conserving our energy resources but we can’t stop global warming and flat-line both temperatures and CO2. Mother Nature is much too big to manipulate. Hmmmm……I will stop there – I think I need to write down my prediction for Global Warming. Coming soon….. Carnac the Magnificent will predict the future( for the youngsters and foreign friends….the comedian Johnny Carson used to do a bit as Carnac the Magnificent . Check out the link