I was out in the garden yesterday morning and was enjoying the “cooler” temperatures…..hah, not cool by most folks standards but it’s all relative…75 degrees F at 6:30 AM. My daughter out in California, a great gardening spot called Camarillo, loves to garden and I love to brag a little – well maybe sometimes more than a little! I decided to quick send a few braggadocio photos via my iPhone…  Not my usual quality of photo resolution but fun nonetheless! She seemed to take my comments and sharing in a positive way! Isn’t that right Melissa?

I love the sharing but most of all I love to enjoy the freshness and flavor!

PS… I think I have a new gardening buddy, three-year old Caleb who lives two houses down the street. He and his mother came by to check out the garden. I kept a swatch of carrots waiting for the two of them to stop by – wanting Caleb to pull them up. He seemed to be really excited about pulling them up – I rinsed them off in my Valentine’s day sink (long story there) and let him and his mother take them home. I also picked a red, ripe strawberry for him to taste – his eyes lit up and he loved the flavor.  Ah…..the makings of another convert!