I am over the hill this week from one of my fellow bloggers from Texas, http://kiwsparks.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/san-francisco-fabulous-as-always/#comment-6552

Kathryn is enjoying the sights and sounds of the San Francisco city…..the link above will show you what she is up to. I am over on the eastside of the Bay, over the hill from Oakland in Livermore. My niece, Karen was married last night at a beautiful winery, Rios Lovell Winery; rios-lovellwinery.com. It was warm for Livermore folks but for this Texas lad it was so nice. It made feel at home when a hen turkey strutted out from vineyards and played hide and seek with my niece’s son Will.

Will’s turkey on a trot.

The ceremony was brief and to the point! Eleven minutes and forty-two seconds! Plus or minus a little. It was Two young people exchanging vows they had written for each other and that made it very real and very special. A light breeze during the ceremony and then off to the picture-taking marathon!

Beautiful setting to exchange vows.

Across the street were vistas of vineyards and sun-kissed hills to the south and east. Livermore is gaining a great reputation for wines that has superceded its recognition as home to the national lab located here. The old downtown has been revitalized and made very pedestrian friendly. See wrongly posted beer blog by a techno dummy!

A look toward the south-east from the Rios Lovell winery.