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In my line of work – the work that pays the bills – I am sometimes forced into that “make hay while the sun shines” mode….I am in the midst of one of those modes.  About 7 straight weeks of United Airlines seats and connections – I am still longing for Continental Airlines service because it disappeared at the merger – hotel beds, cardboard tomatoes,  Avis rental cars and an occasional bit tongue when dealing with my clients.

I am fortunate to have” Farmer Kathy” at home while I am away. Now, she does not necessarily have my level of passion for the garden but she seems to love me enough to take on most of the farmer duties. She waters, she pulls weeds – in this task she may exceed my attention to detail, thanks Hun – she gladly harvests the goodies….this morning( June 6th)  she told me about all of the blackberries she picked, many eaten on the spot – I was hoping some would make it to the freezer for my jam making efforts. She noted that the strawberry harvest is slowing down but the Sequoia plants in a bed near the back door are setting fruit! The tomatoes…. the slicing ones are overwhelming our needs and will need to be shared! Many of the cherry tomatoes succumb to the same fate many of the blackberries encounter…..immediate onsite consumption…..I can’t say as I blame her……..Farmer Bishop behaves in pretty much the same way.

A view of my garden taken about three weeks ago – just a reminder of what I am missing!

Coming up soon is a period of 8 0r 10 days when the Decker farmers will be on Holiday….Hopefully we can draft Lizzie and her young son Caleb who live just down thw street to swing by to harvest a little and apply a bit of water as needed. Daughter Lisa lives nearby and loves sliced cucumbers tossed with seasoned rice wine vinegar and sea salt…..I will see if I can trade some of her time for cucumbers!

I wanted to install a webcam so I could watch my lovelies out in the garden on my trips away but have run out of time…I may not have been able to convince the CFO, also known as Farmer Kathy, also known as my wife – that the camera is a necessary expenditure. Hmmmmm, I have been known to buy some things without consultation in the past and slept on the couch as my wounds healed….. Could it be worth it is the question I need to ask????????






I apologize if you were expecting a gardening blog for my last post…..I decided to use the iPhone ap to post one to my Beer Brewing Blog… I guess I need to be a little more observant and pay attention to where my fat fingers land! I hope you enjoyed the post – I had fun gathering the information contained in the post but will do a better job segregating the two in the future.

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California Craft Beers- Snowshoe Brewery

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Sitting in First Street Alehouse in Livermore California sampling a couple of beers and getting my tri-tip fix!!!
First up was the Snowshoe Pale Ale. Snowshoe Brewing Company is in the town of Arnold in the Calaveras county area made famous by Mark Twain and the 1849 California gold rush. The beer had a nice hop aroma and just enough bitterness to let you know that the hops are there. It was a nice compliment to the tri-tip sandwich! The tri-tip was not as rare as I prefer but I still enjoyed every bite.
Next up was Snowshoe’s Grizzly Brown. A beautiful creamy tan colored head covered the brown ale. The flavor is creeping up toward the toasty roasty taste of a porter but just a ways short. Their website compared it to a Newcastle Brown – Newcastle is a bit on the puny side of the Grizzly but in the same broad category. I like this Grizzly better than the Newcastle.
As I sit here sipping this brown ale, and sip and savor is a must with this brew, I contemplate whether I should sample a Berkley California brew. The Pyramid Apricot Ale sounds interesting as does their Hefeweizen!
Nope, went with the Lost Coast Great White. I am concerned about the unnamed secret blend of Humboldt herbs!!!!! I hope I am not subject to random drug testing! Nice beer – my wife Kathy would love it- citrusy like a Blue Moon or Shocktop but a little more subtle flavor .

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