Getting close to home – in both locations.

I left my home in Kingwood Texas on November 4th, off to Bakersfield California to earn a few dollars. Bakersfield is my home town. I was able to share time with family and friends. The contracted work covered two different clients, both located in Bakersfield. During the second week I took my work buddy off to an iconic restaurant in east Bakersfield, Noriega’s. Basque food, good company, family style seating and less than 6 degrees of separation! In walks my sister’s father-in-law, earl. The seating is by group and Earl was seated next to me. Small world , eh?

Back to home again, I spent two days with my oldest daughter, and her family in Camarillo  – husband, grand-kids and my great-grand-son favored me with a few gentle kicks from the warmth of the womb! I am really enjoying being called grandpa…it has a nice sound to it and makes me feel so welcome. Then up the California coast to my mother’s home. I told her that I would arrive at 5:00 and she becomes a little anxious if I am late. Fortunately I made good time.

Fortunate, because as I checked my photographer’s ephemeral I saw that sunset was 4:55 for her location. The clouds along the coastal drive looked promising as a nice backdrop for a sunset. The clouds began to thin as I drove north and by the time I turned off toward Los Osos they were pretty much absent. I took a chance and headed to the bay. I was rewarded with a nice golden sunset and some nice folks to chat with as the sun dipped below the horizon before heading off to mom’s home.

The photo seems to have captured what the eye saw. The eye is still superior to the camera, but today they were well matched.

Mom and I head off to Houston and Kingwood tomorrow, to my other home. I get to share her with my family and friends, if only for a little while before she heads back home. I am so fortunate!