I just needed to take a ride this afternoon………needed a break from the chores. I did finish the Pomegranate Jelly and it is so good! I headed out on my beater bike to the East End Park area here in my community of Kingwood. The sun was about 5 o’clock high and the light was looking good.

I love the sound of the tires making that little crunch/scrunch as they roll across the gravel. It was a quiet afternoon and other than the occasional plane overheard – it was just my breathing, the tires crunching along and the rustle of the leaves and branches. East End Park is adjacent to Lake Houston and extends north along the East Fork of the San Jacinto River. I took along my little Nikon J1 for a few pictures.

First stop along the trail – looking south toward Lake Houston.

Cypress knees are the coolest looking pieces of wood. Spotted these at my second stop as I headed north. Sometimes they don’t look like knees!

Looking across the East Fork of the San Jacinto River to the east.

An idyllic bench on a little island in the river. What isn’t seen is the fort some youngsters have built in the trees. What wonderful adventures they must have!

Now, I need to let you know that there are some interesting critters along the lake and river. One of the trails is aptly named “Alligator Alley”. I have ridden here for several years and have never seen the gator…….until this evening. Unfortunately the camera was in the bag. I saw the tail flash up out of the water as the gator spun around and took off under water leaving a nice big wake. Looked to be 6 or 7 feet long.

All is quiet looking across Alligator Alley – for the moment.

Another view across the Alligator Alley.

Almost hated to leave and come back home….the chores are still waiting and the danged ole weeds never stop growing!