Something just didn’t quite look right when I installed the bees into my hive. The NUC box, four frames and a feeder, was littered with dead bees, probably 100+! I faithfully followed procedures and waited 8 days to let them settle in to their new home! When I opened the hive all of the bee activity was in the lower corner of three of the fames. What was disturbing were the large number of small white larva all over those three frames. Not bee larvae but something else….The floor of the hive was covered almost two deep with dead bees. Houston we have a problem!

I put everything back together and pulled out my bee book and Googled for answers….It was pretty obvious that I had a Wax Moth infestation. It looked bad! I got on touch with my supplier and learned that 5 other colonies picked up when picked mine up had problems. The owner said the hive got too hot….Not sure if that is the full answer but that is the answer I got…..I suspect that the NUC was infected before I picked it up. It will be replaced but I still have an hour and a half drive each way. My instructions were to pull the frames, wrap them in plastic and freeze them.

On my return to the hive to pull the frames, I found it nearly abandoned. I was prepared to have to brush the bees off of the frames but found very few. Apparently they decide they had had enough and decided to relocate. My wife is paranoid, thinking that they will take up residence in the attic….probably not.

See the little bad guys....This was not the worst of the bunch!

See the little bad guys….This was not the worst frame of the bunch!

One more time!