I think I have had pretty good results by dumping a handful of seeds into a pot. Another balmy 78 degree in Houston. With sweat dripping down my brow I teased the roots out of the tangled mess and now have 14 little trees in 4 inch pots. The weather for the rest of the week continues to look balmy. The roots should take hold.


14 trees soaking and looking pretty darned good.


A closer look at one of the more robust seedlings. I am excited.

A web search indicates I may have fruits in 6 – 10 months. Seems like a very short time frame to me but sounds good.

I went and visited the hive in the yard where my papaya seeds originated. It was late afternoon and the comings and goings were a bit slow. I think I need to do an inspection mid day tomorrow, weather permitting. I don’t want another colony to abscond!