Sunflowers always remind me of summer. As much as I dislike the humidity that comes with a Houston summer I sure like to see the plants just jumping up. This variety of sunflower grew to over ten feet in height. Wish I could remember the name of the variety…..maybe I saved the seed packet. I will probably plant a few this spring…

I think next weekend will be warm enough to put some more seeds in the ground. More lettuce, green beans, beets, cucumbers maybe either direct seed some peppers or buy some plants. My early tomato seedlings all passed away so I put one Celebrity and one Big Boy tomato plant out yesterday.

I expanded my strawberry patch and got immediate feedback on the expansion from my lovely wife. It wasn't all that pleasant but once they take off I think it will pass her inspection in the "visible" yard. My veggies have to remain tucked away and out of sight.  I put in 25 Honeoye and 25 Ozark Beauty June bearing varieties yesterday. I have a lot of established everbearing strawberries but they tend to be on the small side. Hopefully the new ones take off and fill in nicely as well as bear a lot of bigger berries.

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