Look what I found! I was looking in under the huge asparagus ferns with sweet potato vines tangled up underneath them. I had tossed, literally tossed two sad old sweet potatoes out into the asparagus bed this past spring. The vines went wild. This huge sweet potato was poking up through the leaves…. I am anxious to see how many more have developed….. Need to wait another month so look for an update in 30 days.


Photo taken with my iPhone

I just updated the posting. I grew what looks to be the Beauregard  variety… As well as it did I may try the bush variety shown below for next year and save some room. The vines were/are a real jungle in my garden.

Suggested Varieties:

  • Beauregard – Pale reddish skin with dark orange flesh.  Popular commercial variety.  (100 days)
  • Bush Porto Rico – Cooper skin with orange flesh.  Compact vines with big yields.  Good for smaller gardens,  (110 days)
  • Centennial – Good disease resistance and relatively quick maturing.  (90-100 days)
  • Georgia Jet – Reddish skin with orange flesh.  Good choice for shorter season.  (90 days)
  • Patriot – Copper skin/Orange Flesh.  Great pest resistance.  Good choice for organic gardens.  (100 days)
  • Ruddy – Better pest resistance (insects, diseases and nematodes) than Beauregard.  See photo. (100 days)