I am seriously missing my wife and my garden this week….(did i get the order correct Hun?) Ah, the life of a consultant! I focus on the oilfield industries so I am off to some of the garden spots of the producing world….in the US I go out to Midland Texas quite often….great people but it is definitely not much of a garden spot. Hobbs New Mexico….nearly the same as Midland but in a different time zone. Williston North Dakota – grain fields, pump jacks and man camps as far as the eye can see. Laredo Texas …. nuff said.

Well this week I am in the oil patch in the middle of Long Beach California. The training room is at the Reef Restaurant out near the Queen Mary cruise ship. The weather is so nice, the scenery is so green, blue and awesome. The first photo is looking off of the balcony of the training room looking toward the Queen Mary. I brought my newly repaired Nikon J1 but I failed to check nor charge the battery….so you have iPhone captures…you still get the idea. Can you spot the oil rig in the photo…..it is there but pretty well disguised.

Queen Mary and a Carnival Lines ship moored behind it….

Working, gotta do it but being in an area like this does ease the pain. Everything grows so well here …… makes me want to find away to move my backyard farm this direction! So, this next iPhone shot is out the window behind the folks in the class….otherwise they wouldn’t be looking at me nor learning.

Looking across the small bay toward the Long Beach Convention Center.

Lots of palm trees, succulents, flowers and that cool ocean breeze. Why can’t I convince my other clients to use this facility…..may not be economic but I would certainly be happier.