I’ll Bee Quick


The swarm I caught in my “Goo” friend John’s yard needed to be moved before his mother’s visit from Rhode Island. Bees make her very nervous and the visit will be more comfortable without a hive in the backyard. I had recently lost a hive at a nearby apiary so I had a perfect place to move them.

A small problem though, the move was less than two miles and sometimes a short move like that allows the bees to return to the old location. The rule of thumb is move them 6 feet or 6 miles. Six feet allows them to find the box in a short period of time and a 6 mile move creates disorientation relative to the sun. At 6 miles they will orient themselves to the new home relative to the sun. Two miles could be a problem…..

I locked the bees in the swarm box by closing the entrance with a wad of burlap. I left them locked up the best part of two days. I also covered the entrance with some leafy branches before releasing them forcing the bees to reorient themselves due to the confusion of the branches…it worked well. Now I wanted to move them into a full size box.

My usual assistant John, was out of town for a wedding. Luckily my daughter Ashleigh was visiting from Denver and had expressed interest in the bees. She was a good help and she decided to try a time lapse video of the installation process. It went very smooth, the bees were placid and I barely broke a sweat. The video worked well.

After finishing up here we stopped by a single hive I have in a friends backyard. This is a strong and busy hive. Ashleigh didn’t know it but she posed for a Bishop’s Bees And Honey promotional photo op. I caught her shooting a slomo of the bees coming and going.

I brought her back to the house, got her bags packed, put her on the plane and sent her back to Denver. It was a busy day. We had a great visit, just wish she could visit more often. Just gotta make the most of every visit!



The Bees May Have Found Me


I was sitting on my patio today as I was prepping one of my swarm boxes when I had visitors. The box had recently held five full frames of bees that I had been trapping out of a tree. The top was off and I had some old comb in frames and a few bare frames in the box when the visitors arrived. 

Four or five bees were checking out the box so I secured the top and set the box up on a ladder near the patio. The bees left and another five or six returned and checked out the box. Several kept trying to enter along the gaps around the top. FYI – the box was hastily constructed so the fit was approximate!  

One looking and one arriving. 

Hmmmmm- what’s in here. A pheromone scent and a little dab of lemon grass oil. I love the wing shadows. 

Ok – I’ll check it out! 

Can’t fit! 

Eventually they found the “real” opening and checked out the inside. They would hang around then leave – gone about 15 or 20 minutes and then return. My fingers are crossed that they were all scouts and they are inviting the rest of the swarm to a party in my yard! 

This is as close to free bees as it gets and hopefully they have truly found me. I may wind up with a box full of bees for my birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Bishop! 


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