I tried my best to have a ripe tomato before May 1st. I came close…..the garden that I put in for my friend John trumped me by over a week with multiple ripe red cherry tomatoes. Now, he has his own battle with his tomato loving dog Pismo…. Well I was checking out the lower level of one of the Celebrity tomato plant near the back of my garden and wow – a 4+ inch red globe of a nearly ripe tomato, a slicing tomato, a tomato begging to grace a sandwich, a tomato perfect for en echelon display on my plate next to some fried eggs…. in a  healthy oil like BUTTER! I grabbed the camera snapped my tomatoes smile  and rode over to John’s house, hopefully to gloat a little, but also to check on his tomatoes. The pictures don’t lie…. I am winning this skirmish! Aren’t we all winners by growing some of what we eat?

When visiting with John to take photos I noticed the new “Pismo” barrier. John has added a 3′ high fence to increase his odds of getting ripe and intact tomatoes into the house…..he now has a bird problem. One tomato shows signs of a bird beak pecking away at the tomato. I suggested that he leave it as is …… it is very available in the tomato cage and the bird is likely to go for the easy pickings leaving the others alone….seems to have worked for me in the past……..just a little bounty sharing.