My wife and I escaped the Bakersfield California heat for a couple of days and visited my daughter and grandkids, 2 of 3, in Camarillo. daughter Melissa took us out to a small roadside stand adjacent to the strawberry fields. As they were picking they would bring the boxes of berries up to the stand…..fresh!!!! Literally minutes from the field and the taste….as if they were dipped in sugar. We have never tasted such good berries. Many times growers go fo the biggest and brightest berries but without flavor. These were very good size but the finest flavor…wish mine at home were this good….close but not quite. In the slide show below is a visit to the farmers Market in Camarillo. My wife Kathy did some comparison tasting and the berries from the stand out on N Lewis R. at Las Posas in Camarillo are the best!

I wish that I had brought my good cameras….I had intended to bring my Nikon D200 and the Nikon J1 but forgot…More of that CRS stuff. So – I did the best I could with the iPhone!

Saturday in Camarillo – high of 68 F, high in Bakersfield when we arrived was 108 F! Oh well – it is a dry heat!



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